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MidaSearch: a brief history

MidaSearch: a brief history

I am employed as a Technical Lead Intelligence Analyst and one of my objectives is to ensure that all Intel Analysts and other staff have access to relevant tools and websites whilst keeping expenditure down as much as possible. One way I achieved this was by creating an internal Intel Hub which I began putting together in 2012, at the cost of many migraines(!!), and has since become

In 2017 I decided it was about time I gave back something to the OSINT community, as without their hard work and dedication MidaSearch would not exist, so I made MidaSearch available to the whole World Wide Web.

I gave MidaSearch the tag line ‘Guardian of OSINT knowledge’ to indicate it is a place where OSINT knowledge from all around the world is stored and free to use. However MidaSearch is only one Guardian of OSINT knowledge, there are many other ‘Guardians’ with the same ethos who all have something different to offer.

Below is a list of just some of the many sites and experts (in a random order) that I always find very helpful in my ongoing OSINT journey. For more check out

Cheers all,


Toddington International

Henk Van Ess

Paul Myers

Net Boot Camp

Stefanie Proto

Dutch OSINT Guy

Lorand Bodo



OSINT Techniques


Duncan Wright

First Draft News


Tomoko Discovery

Michael Bazzell

Jake Creps

Web Breacher

Ludo Block


Sector 035

J Huff

Justin Nordine

Amit Agarwal

Phil Bradley


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