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Validating Results

To run a search click on the red ‘button’ at the top of this page.

You will be directed to the results page (see image below). You can change the way results are displayed by clicking on the ‘Web / Image’ tab in the top left hand side of the page. If at anytime you need to re-fresh the results click on the image in the top left hand side of the page.

<Results page block one>

The next block on the results page is for paid adverts. Most of these adverts will be from legitimate sources, however it is worth checking any advert that looks suspicious especially ones that relate to Covéa or Provident.

<Results page block two>

The third block on the page are the results from the predefined search criteria.
The results will be predominantly from ‘social media’ sources.

Due to the vast number of social media posts relating to insurance it is likely some of the results will be from genuine companies and therefore each result should be fully validated.

<Results page block three>

Click on a link in one of the result boxes to open the relevant web page. Once you click on a link it will turn red so that you can see which sites you have and have not checked.

Suspicious posts will often ask people to “DM me for a quote” or to get them to ring on a mobile number for a quote. Others ask for people to use a specified What’s app link and / or other media platforms for quotes.

The link in the image above would take you to a page with several posts regarding motor insurance. To find a relevant posting either scroll through the page or use the ‘find’ function ‘CTRL + F’ with a key word. You would now see the advert as per image below:

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