MidaSearch engine is a (UK) sourced deep web search engine powered by Google Custom Search.

MidaSearch engine is designed to access hidden OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence) and web sites that are not indexed / low rated by surface engines (e.g. Google, Ask, Bing, Duck-duck-go) by searching around 2,500 pre-selected websites.

All results are displayed in different categories to enable fast and accurate data analysis.

MidaSearch engine is an additional tool for OSINT purposes and is in no way designed to replace surface engines (Google, Bing etc.) or any other sites / tools you currently use.

Please note that links to other sites are not an endorsment of any independent third parties and as such MidaSearch is not responsible for the accuracy, availability, content, or completeness of these sites.

Contact: MidaSearch@solution4u.com