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Welcome to MidaSearch a free to use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Hub.

OSINT websites and tools –  over 1,000 carefully selected free world-wide third-party website links to assist with all types of online investigations.

MidaSearch lite <NEW> – Contains some of the most used links in MidaSearch for quick basic information gathering.

MidaSearch engine – Matches results to Pastebins, TOR, Cached Sites (including Facebook and LinkedIn), Non-Region Google Matches, 1,000 UK National, Regional, Local and Hyper-Local news websites and over 60 local and National UK classified advert websites.

MidaSearch pinboard – investigation and Cyber Security articles, tips and tricks collected from third-party sources all around the world-wide web.


  1. is my own pet project and is not affiliated with any company or organisation.

  2. Click here to read cookie policy.

  3. is hosted by the platform.

  4. The MidaSearch (UK) deep web engine is hosted by the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) platform.

  5. To the best of my knowledge only open sourced / royalty free / public domain data and images have been used.

  6. Links to other sites are not an endorsement of any independent third parties and as such is not responsible for their accuracy, availability, content or completeness.

  7. takes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of using the linked web sites or as a result of using the information published on any of the pages of the linked web sites.

  8. All page images on are from the open community website

  9. logo is taken from a public domain image of Phrygian art and photo shopped using open source toolkit.

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