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August 2019


The UK Steps Up ‘War’ on Fake News

The British Army has announced that it is setting up a new unit within their ‘6 Division to combat Cyber Threats including Fake News.

The unit, confirmed by Lieutenant General Ivan Jones the UK’s most senior soldier, is expected to go beyond the normal remits of military operations to focus on information warfare including social media accounts that generate fake news and propaganda across all social media platforms.

The unit will also be utilising traditional army techniques including information jamming and similar proactive offensives as well as supporting allied intelligence agencies.

New Anti-Application Fraud Partnership Announced

With the continued increase of criminals using stolen or fake documentation to commit application fraud by opening fictitious accounts (source: UK Finance), two online fraud prevention initiatives have formed a partnership to combine their resources to offer businesses a new defence solution.

Emailage, an email risk assessment technology that uses data science techniques and combined machine-learning technology to generate digital identities from a user’s email address have combined forces with Featurespace, providers of risk detection and fraud prevention applications.

Businesses can subscribe to access Featurespace’s ARIC platform combined with Emailage’s global consortium of data and risk assessment scores to receive real-time reports of potential application fraud.

Fake Resume Generator

With a simple search of the internet it is easy to find ‘Fake name generators’ and photos of ‘people’ that have been generated using Articficial Inteligence.

Example of the search results:

The next logical step in the evolotion of creating a fake profile is to combine the name generator data and AI images.

The resume site builder Enhancv have combined their resources to build a random ‘Fake Resume Generator’.

The Generator uses random information and AI created images within ten seconds. The purpose of the generator is to showcase the types of resume’s you can build on their sites. It also, however, shows how quickly technology is evolving to create believable profiles of people who don’t exist.

Example header of a fake ‘persons’ resume: