The MIDAS Trawler

September 2019


Free UK Online Fraud Investigation Course

The City of London Police have joined up with Future Learn and Coventry University to develop and deliver an online free course on how to conduct Fraud Investigations.

The course is available for four weeks to all students who enrol and covers the following topics:

  • Fraud types and enablers.
  • The Fraud Investigation Model.
  • Conducting effective fraud investigations.

For more information and to enrol visit: Future Learn Website Fraud Investigation: Making a Difference

Return of the NCSC Phishing Guidance

In August the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released an updated version of their Phishing Guidance Document that was first published in February 2018.

This new version of the guide includes all the phishing alerts that were previously only available through NCSC blogposts.

The new guidance focus is centred on businesses developing a layered approach to combat Cyber Phishing.

Any UK Phishing Attacks you discover should be reported immediately to Action Fraud.

New Facebook Search Tool

**** This tool has is currently off-line ****

On the 2nd September Tech Crunch reported that Facebook are considering giving users an option to hide the ‘Like’ counter on their News Feed’s. This could lead to more misery for Online Investigators as the likes counter is often a good way of finding a users friends when their friends list is blocked to the public.

However, some long awaited good news has arrived. Since Facebook closed their graph search options gathering intelligence / information from Facebook profiles have been much more difficult……..but there is now a new ‘tool’ which helps unlock information that is in the public domain:

FBInsight is a very useful new tool that can help locate public related information from a user’s URL or Username or FB User ID number (enter the chosen format and then make sure you scroll down the screen to access the menu of options).

Results include:

  • Other users they most interact with.
  • The users real-time likes.
  • The users liked posts.
  • The users liked videos.
  • Posts the user has commented on.
  • Posts the user has been tagged in.
  • Places the user has ‘checked in-to’.
  • Events the user has ‘joined’.

UK Property Fraud

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

ABC Finance Limited, a specialist finance broker, has published their recent research into fraud claims reported to the UK Land Registry. Their research found the UK Land Registry has received 30 times as many fraud claims as it has prevented since 2009.

Property identified in the report as most at risk are as per info-gram below: